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Witness the clumsy dance of the colours and patterns of life, the sometimes-harmonic, sometimes-cacophonic combination of the silence and the noise all around, and the heroes and the helpless within.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to Make a Miserable Melissa

1 large case of out-of-sorts (not to be confused with licorice all-sorts)
1 medium-sized grump
2 many-things-to-do
0 energy
40 mile-per-hour winds

Heat world to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Try to mix ingredients, but fail.

Yields: 1 (very) Miserable Melissa

For the last several days, the temperature here in Santa Paula has been in the 30s (Celsius). That's not even pleasant for me in the summer months. But seriously, in mid-November - when it's supposed to be that middle of fall time, with a distinct chill in the air - it's definitely out of place. I can tell I am not cut out for California living. To think, hundreds of "my people" would give their first-born child to trade places with me. If only I could make that trade!

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