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Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 Incredible Eggs Christmas Gift Exchange

I belong to a facebook group called Incredible Eggs which is dedicated to Pysanky and Batik egg art. There are so many amazing artists in this group, and it is definitely intimidating for me to share my efforts with them, but they are truly kind and generous people with oodles of great tips to share. I debated long and hard over joining the Christmas Gift-egg Exchange within the group, but finally decided to jump in and do it. The trouble with knowing or associating with really talented people is they have a way of really making me feel inferior - even though they aren't trying to do that! But an exchange like this one is a way to stretch my limits and try something new. Hopefully it is also a way for me to improve what I can do.

The "name" side of this egg
The "year" side of this egg 
The giftee assigned to me is a lady in Pennsylvania. I asked her (anonymously) what her favorite animal is. She replied to me that "fish, deer, rams I like them all, even the snakes on pysanky look good!"

I wanted to make this egg personalized for her, so after I settled on a design (deer with Christmas trees, night stars, and pine branches and holly berries), I added in her name and the year. I've written about 18 pysanky now, and consider myself very much a beginner. So writing names and drawing semi-involved designs really challenged me. But none-the-less, I did it.

The top of the egg. Since it is a Christmas exchange, I thought the Christmas star was an appropriate finisher.
My egg is going in the mail today, and hopefully it gets to her safe and sound and in just one piece! I packaged it in a well-cleaned soup can, lined with tissue, and then wrapped in bubble wrap, so I'm hopeful that even the postal grinches won't break through that.

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